About Us

Hey Everyone,

I'm Tim Taylor and I'm the lucky owner of NZ Kayaker. This business is not only my job, but it's my passion, my reason to get out of bed at 5am, my baby. I started her in 2012 and have enjoyed every moment since. As many people comment, I'm simply living the dream!

I grew up here in the Bay Of Plenty, and was lucky enough to fall in love with the sport of kayaking while at high school. Tauranga Boys' College had (and still has) the best whitewater slalom team in the country, so I grew up in a world of hard training and big thrills. To this day I consider my his success to that early technical grounding and strong role models.

Photos from the early days of whitewater kayaking


Paddling around the whole of New Zealand

I returned to Tauranga after study, travel and work (I have a bachelors degree in Wine making, Lincoln University, class of  2007).  Back at home I set myself the challenge of becoming the first person to kayak continuously around the whole coastline of New Zealand solo. Nearly 2 years and close to 10’000 kilometers later, I completed this goal and had grown into a highly experienced ocean kayaker.

So with this kayaking lifestyle, salt spray, and love for the Bay firmly ingrained, I decided to take the plunge and NZ Kayaker was born. This business is all about fun, adventure, and making the most of life. I simply love kayaking - whitewater, sea kayaking, kayak fishing - you name it, I'll be into it. My one goal for this business is to share this passion with you...I'm sick of paddling on my own, I want you to be there with me!

Photo's from my NZ Expedition


  • NZ Junior Whitewater slalom team 2003-2004
  • Bachelor of Viticulture & Oenology, Lincoln University 2007
  • Solo circumnavigation of NZ by sea kayak 2010-2012
  • Author of "A Complete Guide to NZ Kayak Fishing"
  • Guinness World Record Holder for 24 hour Open Ocean Kayaking 209km
  • 500+ guided trips throughout New Zealand

Photo's from my Guinness World Record