One on One Coaching


Starting at $90/hour

Ability Level

Beginner to Advanced 

Dates & Times

By arrangement


We often get asked to do private coaching sessions and we're more than happy to help out. Things we can offer:

  • Beginner multisport kayaking session: helps you get started before you attempt a Grade 2 Multisport Certificate
  • Advanced multisport kayaking session: faster lines, increased efficiency, race preparation.
  • Sea Kayak Rescue
  • Grade 2 whitewater kayaking
  • Kayak Fishing
  • School groups

Extra Info...

  • Locations: we can come to you or will suggest suitable locations
  • Price is for one person, group and day rates can be negotiated
  • Equipment: price does not include gear rental but if required we can supply whitewater, sea, multisport, and fishing kayaks. We also have trailers and personal equipment suitable for all of our kayak types. Please enquire.